Banff Ave Brewing Co. was founded in 2010, five years after the opening of its sister brewpub Jasper Brewing Co. In a similar spirit as Jasper, the brewpub has developed into a beer culture hotbed for locals and tourists alike. Drawing strength from the dynamic Banff community and inspiration from the Rocky Mountains and wildlife, Banff Ave Brewing Co. is a central hub not to be missed in the National Parks.

Bearhill Brewing was founded by three best friends – Brett Ireland, Alexander Derksen, and Socrates Korogonas – who were born and raised in Jasper. Growing up in the food and beverage industry in their mountain town, they felt there was a large demand for truly local dining and drinking experiences. Combine this insight with their love of craft beer and the boys decided to open a brewpub. From the beginning, the intention was to create a beer culture inspired by community; one of locally produced craft beer that belongs to the community who drinks it. This has become the foundation of everything Bearhill does.

Jasper Brewing Co. (2005), Banff Ave Brewing Co. (2010), Last Best Brewing & Distilling (2014) and Campio Brewing Co. (2018) combine to tell the ‘Albeertastory in Western Canada. Bearhill has grown into an exciting collection of brewpubs and craft retail products that reflect the communities they are a proud part of.

covid-19 update

Thank you.

Thank you for taking a risk and joining us for a bit of nostalgia, how crazy is it that gathering with people and sharing a laugh could be on the brink of becoming a nostalgic experience.

We are counting on you to change the fate of the restaurant/pub experience. How you ask? By letting us know what you think is working. Do you feel safe? Are you enjoying the experience? Can we do better? If we are going to find a new normal, we need your feedback.

We know the world has changed, so let’s come together and establish whatever the ‘new normal’ of pub/restaurants is to become. If we stay committed to safety, having fun, and accepting responsibility for ourselves, we can influence the outcome, so please participate by emailing your feedback to covid19feedback@bearhill.ca.

If you need to stay home a little longer, we don’t blame you. If you do stay home, we ask you to please support and drink local. And rest assured that when the threat of Covid-19 has passed, or you become comfortable with the risk, it’s then that we’ll welcome you back to our safe brewpub, however, murder hornets might get you on the way.