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Craft Beer

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12oz Sleeve 6.25
16oz Standard 8.50
32oz Stein 16.00
64oz Jug 29.00
6 x 5oz Flights 19.00

Core Beers

White Wit

WHEAT BEER. Our take on a classic Belgian white wheat ale. Banff’s year round patio bier for bluebird days. Alpine sunshine in a glass.

5% ABV

Black Pil

BLACK LAGER. A dark schwarzbier that drinks light and familiar. The local’s favourite. Roasted German malts add character, flavour and colour to this classic German style beer.

4.9% ABV

Mt. Rundle Stout

STOUT. The hard and rich glacial water that is inherent to Banff balances perfectly with this rich, nitrogenated ale.

4.4% ABV

Head Smashed IPA

IPA. Our flagship IPA has a delicate bitterness and enough alcohol warmth to bring out the massive fruit, pine and citrus flavours from Australian and US hops. One for the progressive hop head.

6.2% ABV IBU: 75

Ride Or Dry

LIGHT LAGER. Ultra light, ultra crisp, ultra rad. A low-cal light pilsner for ultra active lifestyles. Hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops for a flavourful and unique white grape character that is bright, fruity and playful.

4.2% ABV

Hazy Glades Pale Ale

PALE ALE. This juicy pale ale is packed with big hop-derived citrus, pineapple, and tropical flavours. Brewed with flaked oats and wheat, this pale is hu​ge on hop flavour yet light on bitterness.

4% ABV IBU: 34

Lodge 1383 Cold IPA

COLD IPA. At 1383m elevation, this beer is brewed with the highest quality ingredients, including pure mountain water. Flavours of pineapple, coconut and melon are balanced by a subtle bitterness.

5.6% ABV


Ask your server for our current selection.


Ask your server for current selection.


Spirit Bear White Stout

A white stout is a unique and intriguing brew that challenges traditional stout expectations. Despite its pale appearance, this beer offers a rich and creamy mouthfeel, courtesy of the nitrogen infusion, which creates a smooth, velvety texture with a cascading head. The subtle flavours of coffee and cocoa are artfully blended providing a delicate yet robust profile.

5.0% ABV

Summit Squeeze Pineapple Wheat Ale

A vibrant pineapple wheat ale inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains. This crisp and invigorating brew marries the light, bready notes of wheat with the tropical sweetness of ripe pineapple, creating a perfect harmony of flavors. Each sip delivers a burst of sunshine, making it an ideal companion for summer adventures.

From July to September, 1$ from each 16oz beer sold will be donated to Banff Canmore Community Foundation. Banff Canmore Foundation connects resources and opportunity to activate community potential, enhance quality of life and create belonging for all.

6.0% ABV

Wild Warden Raspberry Rhubarb Sour

This kettle sour is packed with raspberries and rhubarb! With a huge tart and citrusy punch from the rhubarb and a distinct fresh raspberry finish reminiscent of fresh berry pie. Large amounts of wheat malt contribute a rich and full mouthfeel.

5.2% ABV

Paradise Swirl Sour

Dive into a symphony of tropical delight with our Mango Passionfruit Sour, a beer where vibrant flavors and exhilarating sourness dance in perfect harmony. Crafted for the adventurous palate, this unique sour ale is infused with the lush sweetness of ripe mangos and the exotic tartness of passionfruit, creating a refreshing and invigorating brew that transports you to a sun-kissed paradise with every sip.

4.8% ABV

Cerveza de Lima

This Mexican lime lager is a refreshing and zesty brew that combines the crispness of a traditional lager with a burst of citrusy lime flavour.

5% ABV
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Last Best Gin

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pour 1 oz $7.25 | 2 oz $12.50 | gin flight 1.5 oz $19 | bottle 750 ml $45 *offsales only

Last Best Afterglow Gin

Fresh and lively, showcasing an exceptionally aromatic blend of botanicals. Lemon verbena, fresh Thai basil, and green cardamom envelope this gin with fragrance, and bring a modern culinary essence that guide juniper’s pine notes into an energizing finish.

46% ABV

Last Best First Love Gin

Juniper forward with a punchy and floral personality, from hand-selected botanicals. White sage accentuates herbal and juniper notes, while layers of lavender make this gin bloom into an alluring flavourful spirit designed with cocktails in mind.

47% ABV

Last Best Fortunella Gin

Timeless botanicals mingle with fresh whole oranges to create this classic and juicy gin. Juniper, coriander, and angelica offer traditional gin notes, while the fresh orange brings an authentic citrus flavour and unique twist.

44% ABV

Last Best Premium Canned Cocktail

Gin-arita | Tom Collins

4-pack 355 ml $14.50 *offsales only

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Martini Graphic

Albeerta Cans

355 ml $5

Highlights Premium Canned Cocktail

Passion Fruit

355 ML $8

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Martini Graphic
2oz 15.50

Pineapple Passionfruit Margarita

Espolon tequila, pineapple juice, passionfruit liquor, triple sec, lime juice

Banff Park Caesar

Park Chili Vodka, Clamato juice, tabasco, Worcestershire, brine juice, spice medley rimmer

LB Spritz

House infused Last Best Afterglow gin, elderflower liquor, Prosecco, lemon juice

Chick-A-Cherry Cola

Park Vanilla Vodka, cherry liqueur, Pepsi, maraschino cherry

Wild Wit

Wild Life whisky, mule syrup, White Wit

Sparkling Sangria

Red sparkling wine, triple sec, cherry brandy, orange juice

LB Paloma

Last Best Fortunella gin, grapefruit juice, lime juice, simple syrup, salted rim

LB Bee’s Knee’s

Last Best Fortunella gin, honey syrup, lemon juice

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Wine Graphic


Uma Malbec


6oz 11

9oz 16

Bottle 42

11th Hour Pinot Noir


6oz 13

9oz 18

Bottle 50

Colossal Reserva Blend


6oz 10

9oz 15

Bottle 38


Arnaces Prosecco Brute


Bottle 60

Freixenet Cava


200ml 10


J. Bouchon Sauvignon Blanc


6oz 12

9oz 17

Bottle 46

Manos Negras Chardonnay


6oz 13

9oz 18

Bottle 50

Campagnola Pinot Grigio


6oz 13

9oz 18

Bottle 50


Joya Rose


6oz 10

9oz 15

Bottle 38