We're Banff's living room.

Our beers are how we share with the world our community and the adventurous lifestyle that's authentically Banff.

Banff Ave Brewing Co. was founded in 2010, five years after the opening of our sister brewpub Jasper Brewing Co., the first brewery in a Canadian National Park. On any given day (or night) in our brewpub you might be sitting next to a world-class snowboarder, clinking glasses with a winner of the Canadian Death Race, or chatting with a legendary rock climber who literally wrote the book on climbing. Banff Ave Brewing is a place where locals come to share the stories of their mountain experience and plan the next one, and where out-of-town visitors come to feel comfortable and soak in the real Banff (it’s as warm and inviting as the hot springs, but it smells like beer and pizza instead of sulfur). Banff Ave Brewing is a reflection of the community, and our success is driven by the love the locals have shown for us over the years. We love them back, and we share that love of Banff with the world through our products and brand experience.

Meet our Brewmaster
Fred Cloutier

I studied at Bishop’s University for both my undergrad in chemistry and my master certificate of science of brewing. After a couple years of living the lab rat life, I wanted more from my workdays and dreamed to find a job in the mountains. At that moment, I realized I could still use my science background and explore the craft beer industry. There is most likely a brewery in a fun town with great outdoors for all my hobbies! I was always passionate about craft beer before changing career. I was lucky enough to go to university where one of the first craft breweries was located.
If I had to pick my favourite style of beer to drink, I would have to say a porter/stout but I’m always a sucker for a great sour on the patio. However, I don’t discriminate against the other style of beers! I love to be able to play around with the ingredients and create all the different beers. It’s always exciting to brew a new beer, however my favourite beer to brew at Banff Ave Brewing Co is the Mt. Rundle Stout – who doesn’t want to start the day with the smell of roast coffee and rich cocoa?

The Bearhill story.

Locally inspired, community driven.

Bearhill was founded by three best friends who were born and raised in Jasper. Growing up in the food and beverage industry in their mountain town, they felt there was a large demand for truly local dining and drinking experiences. Bearhill’s brewpubs are rooted in a sense of place. From the beginning, the intention was to create a beer culture inspired by community; one of locally produced craft beer that belongs to the community who drinks it. This has become the foundation of everything Bearhill does. Jasper Brewing Co. (2005), Banff Ave Brewing Co. (2010), Last Best Brewing & Distilling (2014) and Campio Brewing Co. (2018) combine to tell the ‘Albeerta‘ story in Western Canada. Bearhill has grown into an exciting collection of brewpubs and craft retail products that reflect the communities they are a proud part of.